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Lisa Fullarton

Exploration Geoscientist
Lisa is a well rounded Exploration Geoscientist with a PhD in Structural Geology, a MSc in Petroleum Geology and 21 years oil industry experience mainly gained in Texaco, Shell and Hess. Her experience is multi-disciplinary, having worked on the acquisition, processing and interpretation of many types of geoscience data in the pre-development, exploration and new ventures areas.

Her specialism is in seismic interpretation, prospect generation and structural geology. She has worked on mega-regional to prospect scale exploration projects across 5 continents; identifying new opportunities in the UK (North Sea, West of Shetlands and Moray Firth), Egypt, Nigeria, Libya, West Africa, Tunisia, Kurdistan, East Mediterranean, Russia and Australia.

Her experience includes the geophysical appraisal of discoveries in the West of Shetlands (Cambo), Southern North Sea (Humphrey) and Norway. She has worked as the geoscientist who drilled and correctly prognosed the largest offshore discovery in Libya and has formally evaluated company assets as a Technical peer reviewer to SEC standards.

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