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Reservoir Engineering

Reservoir Engineering is an essential skill needed to find the best ways to develop oil fields and make investment decisions. Our integrated team of experts enable clients to make informed decisions, rapping into the skills they need, when they need them.

Our highly skilled engineers bring an enviable knowledge to complex project work with a wide range of reservoir engineering experience helping you find the best way to develop oil fields. Building robust and transparent models to maximise recoverable volumes.

Dynamic Modelling

Rockflow has the skills, tools and experience to undertake a range of dynamic modelling studies. Depending on the project objectives, we can construct complex geocellular models and prepare these for simulation, or, if required, run and QC existing 3rd party models. In all cases we endeavour to identify key reservoir performance drivers, allowing the client to take appropriate development decisions.

Material Balance

Classical material balance techniques allow Rockflow reservoir engineers to identify the key elements underlying reservoir performance; whether due to a gas cap, an aquifer, formation compaction or a combination of a number of drive mechanisms. An initial material balance analysis can often help guide subsequent simulation work.

Decline analysis

Decline analysis allows historic production rates to be matched to mathematical curves.
This technique is most appropriate when used on fields with historical production where oil, gas and water trends can all be identified. These trends are then projected and used to forecast production both at the well and field level.

In-house software

We have our own Eclipse simulation licences which our experienced reservoir engineers and consultants use to run either black oil or composition models.

Why Choose Us

We understand that expertise alone is not enough. Our expert team understand the overriding responsibility to assist the tribunal by providing independent and unbiased opinions on matters within our expertise.

Our expert witnesses are highly experienced in mediation and arbitration, often viable and preferable routes to settling disputes out of court. If formal litigation proves necessary, our experts can ensure your case is presented in the best possible way by focussing on the key points of the dispute and backing up potential points of contention with their industry expertise. Our experts are industry leaders and are seasoned expert witnesses who deliver independent and unbiased opinions.

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