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Rockflow’s team of experts have a deep understanding of the key issues and challenges faced by upstream oil and gas organsiations. Trusted by leading E&P companies, oilfield services companies, government agencies and investors across the globe.

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Why Choose Us

We understand that expertise alone is not enough. Our expert team understand the overriding responsibility to assist the tribunal by providing independent and unbiased opinions on matters within our expertise.

Our expert witnesses are highly experienced in mediation and arbitration, often viable and preferable routes to settling disputes out of court. If formal litigation proves necessary, our experts can ensure your case is presented in the best possible way by focussing on the key points of the dispute and backing up potential points of contention with their industry expertise. Our experts are industry leaders and are seasoned expert witnesses who deliver independent and unbiased opinions.

“The instructor is amazingly hard working. Very well thought out and dedicated to efficient teaching. Nice!”

Noble Geophysicist

(1-year experience)

“I think this may be the best Nautilus classroom course I have had. The instructor manual and exercises were great”

Marathon Oil Senior Geophysicist

(26 years experience)

“Depth conversion is a tough area to produce a course for…Alan has produced a course which strikes an excellent balance between the theoretical and practical”

BG Interpreter

(17 years experience)

“Alan Atkinson has that rare skill to turn complex concepts into (almost) obvious matters”

GDF Suez Geophysicist

(6 years experience)

“A really great course. I’ve learned a lot of new stuff that is very practical and applicable in my job”

Wintershall Geologist

(1 year experience)

“I have been highly impressed by Alan’s course. Not only is Alan a superb teacher but he has put in in an enormous mountain of effort in building the spreadsheets which are keys to understanding in this subject area”

Tullow Lead Geoscientist

(14 years experience)

“Where Alan’s course stands out is his emphasis on making the depth conversion defendable; namely choosing the right way to represent your geology whilst not building in unnecessary complications”

Conoco Phillips


“Provides a comprehensive overview of depth conversion methodology, clearly delivered and progressively consolidated throughout progress of the course”

Origin Geophysicist

(25 years experience)