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Expert Determination

Expert determination relies on the integrity and independence of the technical expert. Trust the technical expertise of our team for a binding decision, rather moving into legal processes.

Resolution of international oil and gas disputes is frequently relegated to the final and binding decision of an expert. Acting for one of the parties, Rockflow’s expert team is trusted in expert determination.

Robust technical independence

The primary advantage of expert determination is that it can be a rapid and much more cost-effective alternative to court. Rockflow’s expert team deliver coherent technical independence and expertise, with the power to ask questions of the parties, where they are unable to agree, before rendering a decision.

Unbiased technical expert determination

Often parties to a dispute enter into the Expert Determination process under ad hoc agreements after failing to amicably settle the dispute. An Expert Determination process is typically structured and conducted in accordance with one of the many sets of rules that are available (e.g., the ICC Expert Rules), as follows:

  1. Appointment of an Expert
  2. Preliminary meeting
  3. Written submissions from the parties
  4. Investigation and review
  5. Final determination.

Why Choose Us

Our team are industry leaders and are seasoned experts who deliver independent and unbiased opinions. Thorough and robust to deliver trusted and reliable expert determination.

Expertise in acting for one of the parties providing technical advice and preparing submissions or acting as the Expert performing the Determination.

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