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Significant value can be gained or lost through negotiation. Success requires a deep understanding of the technical fundamentals, economic prospects of the assets or opportunity and identifying the needs and goals of all parties.

Our deep industry knowledge and organisation expertise means we understand the sector nuances to help clients address their critical challenges in turbulent times.

Successful contract negotiation

Good commercial contracts need the flexibility to remain fair and valid in changing environments. Rockflow has decades of experience negotiating oil and gas sector contracts on behalf of clients all over the world. Our extensive experience of technical and commercial contract drivers across the industry value chain delivers clarity, seeing what other miss. Our depth of knowledge enables us to help you achieve the best outcomes throughout the negotiation phases.

Navigating commercial disputes

Commercial disputes are an inevitable fact of business life, and avoiding escalation is almost always the best outcome for all parties. Rockflow’s vast experience from navigating the bumps along the road in asset management through to full blown legal disputes is focussed on avoiding and resolving disputes at an early stage by providing independent insight.

Commercial decision making

Our fully integrated, multi-disciplinary team provide clients with strategic direction enabling them to maximise their potential opportunities and investments, whilst mitigation risks. Rockflow provides commercial consultancy alongside our technical expertise to give you a well rounded and rigorous approach to commercial decision making.

How we can help you

Rockflow can support your commercial negotiations with expertise in:

  • Pre-negotiation phase: technical and economic analysis to establish fundamental value; counter-party analysis and negotiation strategy.
  • Negotiation phase: representation and technical/commercial support.
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Why choose us

You come to us with complex business problems. They are usually urgent, difficult and of high value. We understand that these issues are of importance to you and it is not easy to find the right help when you need it.

Tap into Rockflow’s enviable team of talented individuals who have extensive experience in technical, commercial and management roles in the upstream oil and gas industry.

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