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Trusted advisors and problem solvers, specialising in overcoming your complex upstream technical challenges.

Trusted upstream technical problem solvers

You’re in the right place. Rockflow’s Technical Excellence services are built upon the strong foundation of our multi-disciplinary team’s extensive experience in technical, commercial and leadership roles in the upstream oil and gas industry.

We understand your unique upstream environment

We diagnose and solve complex technical challenges providing objective and independent expert analysis and advice for clients across the exploration, appraisal, development and production value chain. Our clients are operators, investors and government agencies.

How can we help you

Practical, honest and independent, we offer integrated technical solutions, providing project management combining subsurface with well and surface engineering and petroleum economics. We identify route causes, and recommend robust solutions, faster. We communicate clearly and speak with authority at the highest level.

Technical Assurance and Peer Assist

Independent, expert technical advice to help guide your upstream investment decisions. Access our multi-disciplinary team of industry experts to provide technical review and assurance of your decisions.

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Due Diligence

Asset ownership is continually evolving as organisations and governments invest and divest their portfolios. Our Due Diligence consultants are industry leaders helping evaluate opportunities to inform and guide your portfolio decisions.

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Reserves Evaluation and Audit

Estimation of reserves and resources is a critical requirement for operators. Rigorous estimation is complex and time consuming which requires technical expertise.

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Subsurface Evaluation

High quality subsurface evaluation underpins key decisions at each stage of the exploration and production life cycle. Our experienced team of subsurface experts turn around high quality integrated subsurface characterisation projects quicky and efficiently.

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Integrated Project Delivery

We combine our global experience and multi-disciplinary expertise to help you unlock value and achieve the full potential from the development of your assets, faster.

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Specialist Support

Rockflow has a full range of subsurface and engineering experts. We are specialist advisors and can help you solve specific, complex problems.

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Why choose us

You come to us with complex business problems. They are usually urgent, difficult and of high value. We understand that these issues are of importance to you and it is not easy to find the right help when you need it.

Tap into Rockflow’s enviable team of talented individuals who have extensive experience in technical, commercial and management roles in the upstream oil and gas industry.


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