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Due Diligence

Asset ownership is continually evolving as organisations and governments invest and divest their portfolios. Our Due Diligence consultants are industry leaders helping evaluate opportunities to inform and guide your portfolio decisions.

Rockflow’s multi-disciplinary and integrated team can assist you with Asset, portfolio and company valuations, QC and defence valuations.

Independent and robust due diligence

Rockflow specialises in rigorous independent assessment of upstream opportunities. Our clients are operators and start-ups making decisions to farm-in, to increase equity, to purchase assets, portfolios or companies, and lending institutions deciding whether or not to fund projects. Our projects have ranged from high level screening to in-depth economic valuation.

Ready to help

Acquisition opportunities often arise at short notice, can be highly competitive with bids typically expected within weeks. Finding a skilled, experienced, multi-disciplinary team to perform the ‘due diligence’ analysis at short notice can be difficult. This is where Rockflow can help; due diligence is one of our most sought-after services as we have ‘start-line’ ready multi-disciplinary teams with global experience across the value chain.

Supporting your needs

Rockflow will tailor the due diligence requirements to our clients needs. However, for successful due diligence projects we recognise the importance of project leadership, regular updates and clear communication with our clients. Successful due diligence, resulting in the right investment decision, is dependent on the trust built between Rockflow and our clients.

How we can help you

Rockflow can support you in a range of upstream Due Diligence activities:

  • Licensing round evaluation and bid submission
  • ‘Data room’ evaluations for asset acquisitions
  • Prepare asset valuations and data rooms for clients seeking to divest assets
  • Provide advice on reserves estimation, reporting and compliance
  • Focused on specific disciplines (e.g. subsurface) or a full multi-disciplinary evaluation including subsurface, well engineering, surface engineering and economics
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Why choose us

You come to us with complex business problems. They are usually urgent, difficult and of high value. We understand that these issues are of importance to you and it is not easy to find the right help when you need it.

Tap into Rockflow’s enviable team of talented individuals who have extensive experience in technical, commercial and management roles in the upstream oil and gas industry.

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