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Integrated Project Delivery

We combine our global experience and multi-disciplinary expertise to help you unlock value and achieve the full potential from the development of your assets, faster.

It’s often difficult to find an expert field development team to deploy onto a major project at short notice. That’s where Rockflow can help, with its multi-disciplinary team that have significant project and field operating experience.

Project delivery

Major projects are core to the oil and gas business, characterised by high cost / high value investment decisions.  Sound decisions are essential as they underpin the future economic and HSE performance, production, reserve recovery and the access to future opportunities.

Multi-disciplinary project team

Oil and gas projects are complex and require multiple disciplines, including subsurface, engineering and commercial. Whilst critical, major field developments are infrequent and it is often difficult for individuals within an organization to gain significant experience across multiple projects in combination with field operating experience. This is where Rockflow can help; we can provide our clients with project leadership and a multi-disciplinary project team that has significant project and field operating experience.


How we can help you

Rockflow can support you in a range of Integrated Project Delivery activities:

  • Provide multi-disciplinary project team.
  • Provide key disciplines (Project Manager, Reservoir Engineer) into a client project team.
  • Support clients from project start-up, FEED, FID into project execution.
  • Well planning, execution and post well evaluation.
  • Deliver project documentation (Field Development Plan).

Why choose us

You come to us with complex business problems. They are usually urgent, difficult and of high value. We understand that these issues are of importance to you and it is not easy to find the right help when you need it.

Tap into Rockflow’s enviable team of talented individuals who have extensive experience in technical, commercial and management roles in the upstream oil and gas industry.

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