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Specialist Support

Rockflow has a full range of subsurface and engineering experts. We are specialist advisors and can help you solve specific, complex problems.

Rockflow is one of the UK’s most trusted, respected, and independent expert subsurface management advisors, our ethos is underpinned by technical excellence and independence.

Specialist support

Technical work underpinning the oil and gas business is complex. Often issues arise with a technical evaluation, either in the subsurface or engineering, that are complex, appear unique and cannot immediately be solved with routine technical practices. These issues, left unresolved can contribute to a level of uncertainty or risk that the business cannot tolerate.

Solving your complex problems

Diagnosing and solving these complex technical problems requires deep technical expertise and experience in each of the oil and gas technical disciplines. This is where Rockflow can help; with our multi-disciplinary team of experts, we pride ourselves in diagnosing and solving the most complex technical problems for our clients.

How we can help you

Rockflow can support you in a range of upstream specialist technical activities:

  • Geology, including exploration, appraisal, development and production
  • Geophysics, including advising on acquisition and processing activities; performing rock physics, seismic interpretation and depth conversion
  • Petrophysics, including clastic and carbonate log analysis
  • Reservoir engineering, including classical techniques and reservoir simulation
  • Petroleum Engineering, including system modelling and production optimisation
  • Flow assurance
  • Process and pipeline simulation studies

Why choose us

You come to us with complex business problems. They are usually urgent, difficult and of high value. We understand that these issues are of importance to you and it is not easy to find the right help when you need it.

Tap into Rockflow’s enviable team of talented individuals who have extensive experience in technical, commercial and management roles in the upstream oil and gas industry.

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