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Solving complex, subsurface hydrocarbon asset challenges.
Highly experienced, global oil and gas problem solvers. Objective and independent geological, technological, and commercial solutions to Exploration and Production clients.
Technically impartial experts in dispute resolution.

What We Do

Diagnosing subsurface geological, technological and business challenges, we solve multifaceted problems, provide unbiased assessment, communicate clearly and speak with authority at the highest level. Objective and independent from the outset, we’re specialist consultants, long term partners and trusted navigators.

Management Advisory

We solve problems. You come to us with complex upstream business problems. They are usually urgent, difficult and of high value. You need a clear pathway to resolve your issues that you can trust.

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Expert Services

Delivering independent and unbiased opinions with clarity, confidence, and credibility. Renowned for our experience acting as independent Testifying Experts in oil and gas disputes.

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Technical Excellence

Deploying our multidisciplinary experts to solve your complex technical challenges. Trusted by leading E&P companies, oilfield service companies, government agencies and investors across the globe

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Who we are

We’re a little different… We’re problem solvers, independent thinkers, and always focussed on delivering value to our clients. Clients call Rockflow their trusted advisors.

We’re a dynamic, diverse, and dedicated team with decades of experience. Our consultancy services are built on a strong foundation of our team’s extensive oil and gas industry experience, at the highest level.

We deliver strategic, commercial, and technical analysis and advice to the upstream oil and gas industry, investors, government agencies and law firms.

Put simply, we have the skills & experience to help you solve your problems and the resources to help you reach your goals.

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Owen Wells joins Rockflow as Facilities, Developments and Integration Engineer

Rockflow, one of the UK’s most trusted, respected, and independent expert subsurface management advisors are delighted to announce the appointment of Owen Wells as Facilities, Developments and Integration Engineer. Owen’s extensive industry experience in...

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Our training is focused on depth conversion as part of the geological and geophysical interpretation process. Tips and techniques in data quality control, practical velocity modelling methods and calibrating seismic velocity to wells. Courses are tailored and can be approached in a hands-on way or theory lectures.




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