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You need to know you have the right skills for the job at hand. Even with highly qualified and experienced teams, there can be knowledge gaps, where specific skills are needed.

Upstream oil and gas require a plethora of abilities. Our highly experienced Rockflow team combine technical excellence, life skills, and commercial acumen to ensure you get the right mix of technical know-how and practical application.   

Reservoir Engineering

A discipline devoted to the ultimate source of value to E&P operators. Through reservoir modeling studies, our reservoir engineers’ goal is to increase hydrocarbon production and maximize exploration value.

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Reading the story told beneath the earth is not easy, which means combining value judgements, based experience along with analysis and evaluation of data sources is essential to success.

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Our experienced team of geophysicists apply geophysical techniques used for oil and exploration to measure such things as: electrical currents, gravitational and magnetic anomalies, heat flow, geochemical relationships, and density variations from deep within the earth.

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Rockflow petrophysicists are working with cutting-edge technologies that help our clients identify, quantify and develop hydrocarbon resources. Our highly skilled, integrated Upstream team work alongside discipline experts.

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Guiding clients to maximise performance across the full value chain of upstream oil and gas. Enabling smarter commercial decisions, overcoming complex problems, balancing investment and risk, that then translate into efficient projects.

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Petroleum Engineering

Working as part of an integrated team alongside other subsurface specialists, Rockflows Petroleum engineers identify practical solutions to operational and performance issues. Our extensive petroleum engineering experience allows us to identify production optimisation faster.

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