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Field Development Planning expert Owen Wells, to speak at upcoming Qnect event

September 08, 2023

We are pleased to announce that organizers of the Quorum event, Qnect have selected Owen Wells, a recognised expert in the realm of field development planning to speak at their upcoming industry event. The event, set to take place on 14th September in London, will feature Owen discussing the use of Enersight as an essential component to Field Development Planning activities.

Field development planning is a critical aspect of the energy industry, aiming at maximising the extraction and value of projects, with technology playing an increasingly pivotal role in enhancing these efforts, Enersight has emerged as an indispensable tool. It offers sophisticated predictive analytics, scenario modelling, and strategic planning capabilities that empower businesses to make more informed decisions.

Owen has over 40 years oil and gas industry experience, having worked for BP in numerous roles, particularly in field development planning from prospect evaluation to lead facilities roles around the world. As an engineer responsible for field development planning studies worldwide Owen has exploited various tools, including Enersight and this positions him well to provide an independent overview of how Enersight fits in and addresses the hard topic of Integration. He also recognises  that everyone has a choice as to the software they select

“We’re delighted that Owen has been asked to shed light on how Enersight has transformed the traditional approach to field development planning,” said Andy Spriggs, Managing Director, Rockflow. “Attendees can look forward to a deep dive into the capabilities of Enersight and how its integration can lead to increased efficiency and sustainability, along with honest insights that draw on Owens extensive experience. ”

“Understanding the capabilities of tools like Enersight is essential in today’s fast-evolving energy landscape,” says Owen. “I’m eager to share my experiences and insights with fellow industry professionals, having worked on numerous projects that leveraged Enersight’s capabilities. My session will cover:”

  • Hints and tips regarding populating Enersight effectively & efficiently
  • An overview of Enersight’s functionalities and advantages
  • The necessary follow-up steps as potential projects get close to FID
  • Continued use of Enersight as an asset matures

For more details on this Quorum hosted event visit their event page or visit Quorum.

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